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Welcome to the North Shore Equestrian Center,
where dreams come true every day. Have you ever experienced the delight of learning something new, or picking up on something you once did years ago? If this sounds familiar to you, then join us here at the North Shore Equestrian Center.
We've got a new life for you. Whether you're looking for recreation, competition, another form of exercise for yourself, or an after- school activity for your children, the North Shore Equestrian Center can give it all to you, and more.

Our students start out by taking lessons on school horses, where they learn the basics and gain confidence. Some students lease or own their own horses. These students are able to participate in various horse shows throughout the year, and at the end of the summer, many choose to show their horses at the famed "Hampton Classic." We are proud of the progress each one of our students makes. After all, we want to make the equestrian experience a great one for each person who crosses our path.

Located on the campus of C.W. Post College, in Greenvale, New York, the North Shore Equestrian Center is convenient whether you live in Suffolk, Nassau, Queens or Manhattan. We are open six days a week for lessons and learning with fine trainers, and we are a full service stable. There is even a café just in case you get hungry or thirsty after your workout. Come join us. Visit our website and then visit our facility. We will be glad to show you around.

Summer camp is rolling
Contact LUHI summer programs for more info
PH: (516)626-1100
Program info: https://luhisummercamps.org/program/equestrian/