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About Us

The North Shore Equestrian Center is the oldest facility of its kind on Long Island, operating for forty years on the campus of C.W. Post College. Despite its bucolic, peaceful setting, the center is a hustle and bustle of activity. Horses graze in the numerous grassy paddocks in the summer, or mingle in the dirt paddocks in the winter, while children and adults learn the many skills involved in becoming accomplished equestrians.

The North Shore Equestrian Center is thoroughly maintained by a team of experienced horsemen and their assistants. The barns are up-to-date, with interior sprinkler systems, fluorescent lighting, and both exterior and interior wash stalls. Privately owned horses live in 12x12 stalls with rubber padding and floor mats for their protection. School horses live comfortably in our school barn. All of our horses are carefully watched and taken care of by our professionals seven days a week.

The North Shore Equestrian Center boasts the largest indoor arena for your riding pleasure in all kinds of weather. We also have four outdoor arenas where lessons are given from early in the morning to late in the afternoon, year round. If you own your own horse, there are many trails through the beautiful countryside, allowing you to ride for hours and get away from the summer sun.

Whether you are looking for a place to board your horse, or just a place to learn a new skill, come and join us.